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LETTERS: HVRA still on board for CTS plan

March 9th, 2016 · No Comments

Past chair responds to February editorial

Re “Ship to wreck” (Editorial, February 2016): you claim that former opponents of the dome at Central Technical School continued to work actively against the construction of the dome even after they had signed on to the Minutes of Settlement. That settlement was the result of successful mediation at the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) between Razor Management Inc., the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), and five other parties. You name the former opponents as the City of Toronto and the Harbord Village Residents’ Association (HVRA). It would appear that the trigger for the editorial was the news that Razor Management had ceased work because it was being assessed $600,000 in tax arrears on a similar dome at Monarch Park Collegiate Institute.

The whole tenor of the editorial is to paint the HVRA as subverting the agreement reached at the OMB

The following sentence from your editorial sets the overall tone:

“It appears, however, that opponents of the deal, after conceding the battle, never gave up the war.”

The whole tenor of the editorial is to paint the HVRA as subverting the agreement reached at the OMB. That is a terrible accusation and it stings, especially as there is not one bit of truth to the notion. The record shows that we at the HVRA have fought diligently for the implementation of the Minutes of Settlement, including construction of the dome, the track, and the community public space at the corner of Harbord and Bathurst streets.

We are mystified by this assertion for one thing, but also find it particularly pernicious because if what you said were true, we would be in breach of our written commitment at the OMB to support the Minutes of Settlement.

For the record:

  • We (and everyone else) have to abide by the two-level court decision to declare the dome a commercial use, but these decisions were made well before the mediation at the OMB;
  • Far from conducting a war against the dome, the HVRA has actively supported Razor Management post Minutes of Settlement, including negotiating dimensional and design changes in a shared use parkette and supporting an upgrade to a more expensive and less toxic cork field material;
  • HVRA provided the baseline Terms of Reference for the Facilities Management Committee that would provide advisory assistance in the operation of the dome;
  • Razor and the HVRA have been in constant and collaborative contact since the Minutes of Settlement were signed;
  • Razor Management’s responsibility for taxes was in its contract with the TDSB from the beginning and has nothing to do with us. That notwithstanding, HVRA wrote to the TDSB in support of the TDSB assisting in providing some level of tax relief to Razor, recognizing a part of its operation included community benefit; and,
  • We speak regularly to the proprietor of Razor. He understands our interest is seeing that the agreements made at the OMB are carried out, as they are the legal requirements for him to build and operate, just as HVRA is legally required to support them and ensure they are respected.

This manifestly is not the behaviour of an organization that was continuing some kind of “war” against the dome or “someone [who] would prefer to see Razor fail under the weight of the tax burden”.

In short, after the Minutes of Settlement were reached, there was no war that the HVRA continued — period, full stop. HVRA was committed, and still is, to the solution offered by the Minutes of Settlement. The February 2016 editorial screams duplicity and bad-dealing on the part of the HVRA, and the record must be set straight.

Rory “Gus” Sinclair, Past chair, HVRA



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