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NEWS: Central Tech field renewal back on track

May 13th, 2016 · No Comments

By Brian Burchell

Intensive construction work has resumed on the athletic field at Central Technical School and it appears that the new artificial turf, track, and seasonal dome will be completed on schedule.

The president of Razor Management Inc., which is rehabilitating the field and will operate the new facility under an agreement with the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), said he hopes the work will be finished by August, even though the contract gives the company until September 1.

“However, we have advised the TDSB that we will not be entering into a shared-use agreement for the corner of Bathurst and Harbord streets, or make the improvements along Bathurst Street [the western flank of the field] given the tax issue,” said Razor’s president Mathew Raizenne.

“We have advised the TDSB that we will not be entering into a shared-use agreement for the corner of Bathurst and Harbord streets”—Matthew Raizenne, president, Razor Management

These improvements were part of the terms of the mediated settlement negotiated at the Ontario Municipal Board, a settlement that was contingent on the agreement of all the parties. Raizenne said he is disinclined to participate now that his company is subject to an annual tax charge of $25,000 on what he believes is in effect public land in 100 per cent public use.

This is but the latest development in a story that has gone on for over four years. Earlier this year, Razor halted construction upon receiving an unexpected property tax bill in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, relating to back taxes for the facility it operates at Monarch Park Collegiate Institute. The company had been told to expect similar tax rates for the Central Tech field once that facility was up and running, and Razor downed tools in protest.

Razor has since decided to proceed with construction while it appeals the commercial tax assessment at the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation. Razor has also asked the TDSB to categorize the field as for public education use, which would exempt it from the MPAC assessment. To date, the TDSB has not done this, though the students will be using the facilities during school hours for TDSB programming.



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