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NEWS: Stellar student scores 100 per cent in all courses (Aug. 2022)

August 17th, 2022 · No Comments

TDSB student graduates in only three years with a perfect average

Outstanding student Pasha Ho stands in front of Harbord Collegiate Institute, the school he recently graduated from. FOX OLIVER/GLEANER NEWS

By Fox Oliver

When it comes to high school courses, everyone has a different idea as to what constitutes a “good grade.” However, with regards to recent high school graduate Pasha Ho’s marks, there is no debate. Pasha Ho is one of the TDSB’s top scholars and has just graduated with a 100 per cent average from Harbord Collegiate Institute (HCI).

Seventeen-year-old Pasha began his high school experience three years ago at HCI, his local school. When the pandemic hit at the end of his grade nine year, he wanted to make the most of his extra time off and decided he would try to graduate within three years of secondary school (instead of the usual four years). 

After taking extra courses online during the pandemic, he was able to reach this deadline while earning 100 per cent in seven different grade twelve courses, which is one course more than the required six. These courses were also some of the most advanced courses at HCI.

Pasha says he earned his 100 per cent average by being diligent and by “getting a good foundation of skills down” throughout his earlier years of school, dating all the way back to first grade. 

Having a good relationship with his resource teacher, Greg Smith, was also paramount, as he helped Pasha get the most out of his classes. 

Pasha’s advice to new students going into high school is simple, but it has proved to be effective: “Take that first year to explore what school is like … join some clubs, meet new people.” This helped him navigate his new surroundings when he started grade nine and paid off in the long run when his course load picked up in his later years at HCI.

Pasha now works at MLSE Launchpad, an athletic centre which provides free programs for youth in the community. Next year, he will be putting his scholarly skills to work in the University of Toronto’s program for engineering science. 

Pasha’s hard work has paid off, and there is no doubt his attitude and his aptitude will lead him on a grand adventure.

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