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CHATTER: NDP’s pattern of prevailing in the Annex continues (July 2020)

July 18th, 2022 · No Comments

Jessica Bell of the New Democratic Party (NDP), has represented the University-Rosedale riding (District 112) since her success in the 2018 election. She was re-elected on June 2. Of the 49,412 votes cast in the University-Rosedale riding in 2018,  Bell earned 24,537 of them (49.66 per cent), followed by Liberal candidate Jo-Ann Davis who earned 10,898 votes (22.06 per cent), PC candidate Gillian Smith who earned 10,431 votes (21.11 per cent) , and Green Party candidate Tim Grant who earned 2,652 votes (5.37 per cent).

Throughout the history of the University-Rosedale district, and its predecessor the Trinity-Spadina district (created in 1999 but replaced by the University-Rosedale district in 2018), the election result has almost always been NDP. NDP MPP Rosario Marchese was elected four terms in a row between 1999 and 2014. In 2014, Liberal MPP Han Dong beat Marchese 26,613 votes to 17,442 votes, marking the only time when the riding was represented by a non-NDP candidate since its creation.

In every election since the riding’s 1999 creation, the Liberal candidate has been the runner up to the elected NDP MPP, except for 2014, when Marchese (NDP) was the runner-up to Dong (Liberal). Additionally, the Green party has gained momentum in the area compared to the province, winning an average of 7.25 per cent of votes in the University-Rosedale riding over the past four elections compared to the provincial average of 5.1 per cent of votes for the Green party.

In the 2018 election, provincial voter turnout was 56.7 per cent of all eligible voters. Voter turnout in the Annex was similar, with a 56.3 per cent turnout. This year, the lowest voter turnout in history was recorded with only 43 per cent of eligible voters in Ontario taking to the polls. Turnout in the Annex was only marginally better, with a 43.5 per cent turnout.

—Fox Oliver/Gleaner News


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