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NEWS: Peddling the E-bike option (Jan. 2022)

February 4th, 2022 · No Comments

HVRA educates residents on a greener mode of moving

Experts from different bike shops presenting their collection of electric bikes at Pedal Power Fair on Sept. 25. MARGARITA MALTCEVA/GLEANER NEWS

By Margarita Maltceva

TransformTO, adopted by Toronto City Council in 2017, aims to reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emission levels to 65 percent below 1990 levels by 2030, and reach carbon neutrality by 2050. The Harbord Village Residents Association (HRVA) is on board with these goals, and is advocating for the adoption of electric bikes as one way of reducing dependence on gas-powered vehicles.

In late September, the HVRA shut down Sussex Avenue between Borden Street and Brunswick Avenue for a day to host the Harbord Village Power Pedal Fair, offering people the opportunity to try different styles of electric bikes.

Nicole Schulman, HVRA volunteer and fair organizer, said people need to make significant changes in their lifestyles to reach that goal, including switching from gasoline cars to electric vehicles. 

“(TransformTO) goals seem doable, but it’s a different mindset that Torontonians have now,” she said. “People have to make lifestyle choices and start using more active transport, which is what TransformTO is advocating for.”

Although the price of an e-bike, which can vary from $1,000 to $10,000, may seem steep, Schulman says the purchase is justified by looking at it as an inexpensive car. She adds that the fair hoped to show that e-bikes work well for both families and older adults.

“The market is for retirees who have been riding bikes all their lives and want to continue. And because electrification will make it easier to ride, they can rely on cars and TTC much less,” said Tim Grant, the head chair of HVRA’s NetZero Committee and former Green Party candidate for Trinity-Spadina and University-Rosedale.

He also said electric cargo bikes can help small families to commute and do groceries. 

“We want to help people appreciate that electric bikes are suitable for any lifestyle,” Grant said. He adds that while the e-bikes make cycling much easier, they still offer riders a workout.

The HVRA is planning to organize bulk purchases of electric bikes in order to help make them more affordable for people considering the purchase.

Visit the HVRA’s website,, for more information. 

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