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NEWS: COVID-19 at 7-Eleven? (Oct. 2020)

November 2nd, 2020 · No Comments

Store closes but not coming clean as to why

7-Eleven (334 Bloor St. W.) unexpectedly closed its store at Spadina Rd. and Bloor St. for cleaning. The reasons behind the closure are unknown. NEILAND BRISSENDEN/GLEANER NEWS

By Mary An

The 7-Eleven located at Spadina Rd. and Bloor St. W. closed from Sept. 14 to 16 “for the health and safety of our customers and team members.” 

Beyond the poster stating this basic information, 7-Eleven has provided very little explanation for the closure. The 7-Eleven Canada COVID-19 Store Safety Plan, as written on the company’s website, states that each store  has ongoing calls with management, regular check-ins, and an increased amount of conversations and training for staff. 

Under the Policies Implemented to Reduce the Risks of COVID-19 section, the website states that a store must immediately close and conduct a “deep-cleaning” process if a team member has contracted the virus. It also states to “alert all 7-Eleven team members, the public and suppliers that a team member at the store has tested positive and people who visited the store during the potential exposure period should self-monitor for symptoms.” 

No such notification has been made, and some of the store’s neighbours didn’t even know they had closed for cleaning. 

“Honestly, I had no idea they closed. My favorite spot is the Tim Horton’s right next door. I’ve only been there [7-Eleven] two or three times in the past six months,” Vishakha Sharma, the manager at Freedom Mobile right next door said. Sharma believes that there might be another reason behind the store’s closure. “They probably just needed some regular cleaning, because their floors weren’t that great.”

According to Sylvanus Thompson, Associate Director of Healthy Environments with Toronto Public Health, a business owner has a right to close their store at any time for cleaning without having to disclose the reason. 7-Eleven has yet to respond to any inquiries about the store’s closure.

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