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CHATTER (NOVEMBER 2016): Community policing update

November 18th, 2016 · No Comments

Crime in 14 Division for August and September was less than the previous year across six major categories, reported Detective Sergeant Brian Kelly at a Community Police Liaison Committee meeting on Sept. 20. The division’s boundaries are Spadina Avenue, Bathurst, Front, and Adelaide streets.

Although six people were arrested for a violent robbery that had occurred on June 5, assaults have decreased by 16 per cent. Break and enter commercial and residential offences decreased from 16 to 9 and 25 to 13 respectively. Robberies in the area decreased from 21 in 2015 to only 15 this year, but there have been a few gun point robberies and the arrests have been made.

“This summer was remarkably successful. We have been successful in identifying where our crime trends are and place our officers there,” said Police Constable Iris Flekeisen, acknowledging the positive impact of neighbourhood groups in reducing crime, particularly gun crime, gang-related issues, and auto theft.

Police Constable Gordon Reid spoke on the division’s approach to local marijuana dispensaries. Stressing that such stores are currently illegal, he acknowledged that they will not be a target of police action if the protocols for medical use are being followed and no complaints about the dispensary are made. If a complaint about a dispensary is made to the police, the storeowners may be evicted and/or subject to an arrest warrant.

Brian Burchell who publishes this newspaper, sits on the committee in his capacity as chair of the Bloor Annex BIA.

—Noelle Defour/Gleaner News



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