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LETTERS (April 2016): Real story overlooked

April 7th, 2016 · No Comments

Re “Crime down overall in 14 Division” (March 2016): Let me start off by saying I am a big fan of small newspapers catering to a local readership. I think it is the sign of a healthy democracy, whoever owns them, as long as they are fair. The Annex Gleaner is no exception.

It is with sorrow that I raise my keyboard to complain about your article.

The headline is wrong and the article missed the real story. Crime overall is up 4 per cent, at least if the percentage change figures are correct. I know about the quibble about significant crime, but it is just that, a quibble. Adding the plus figures and the minus figures together comes up with 4 per cent. Murder is flat, I agree, but theft of cars is significantly up, and of more interest to your readership than one druggie killing another.

The more significant story is in the bottom right hand corner of the table.

Shootings over the entire city are up 63 per cent!!! That is not a minor figure and is one that affects us all. Someone gets shot picking up their groceries with a stray bullet meant for some nearby rounder. It can happen, if it has not already. That is what your readers care about. Not being mislead into thinking crime overall in 14 Division is down.

That is the real story.

—Keith Lee-Whiting

Huron Street


NEWS: Crime down overall in 14 Division (March 2016) by Brian Burchell

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