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Jet plan dead under Liberals or NDP

October 8th, 2015 · No Comments

The Liberal and New Democratic Party (NDP) candidates for Spadina-Fort York (the southern half of what was formerly Trinity-Spadina) have come out strongly against any plan to expand the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. Sitting member of Parliament (MP) Adam Vaughan, and former MP Olivia Chow, who are running in Spadina-Fort York, have both said the plan to bring jets to Billy Bishop would be grounded should either of their parties form a federal government after the election Oct. 19.

“The Liberal Party will not reopen the Tripartite Agreement. No Jets. No Expansion. Period,” wrote Vaughan in a letter to Community Air, a local advocacy group that opposes the expansion of the island airport.

Chow was equally opposed to reopening the agreement in her letter, which like Vaughan’s was written in September, to the Clean Air Partnership.

“Porter Airlines and the Toronto Port Authority have to honour the existing Tripartite Agreement from 1983,” she wrote. “An NDP government will not amend the Tripartite Agreement to permit a runway extension for jets, or for any other purpose.”

The agreement, which governs the operation of the airport, is between PortsToronto (previously the Toronto Port Authority), the federal government, and the City of Toronto. However, many believe that the federal government controls PortsToronto, as it appoints its chief executive officer and board members.

The City of Toronto continues to study Porter Airlines’ request to bring jets to the airport.

—Brian Burchell

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