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Annex Cat Rescue and Don Cherry team-up

April 8th, 2014 · No Comments

By: Brian Burchell

Two hundred and thirteen lost cats were rescued by the Annex Cat Rescue from the streets and back alleys in 2012 and adopted into loving local homes (statistics for 2013 are yet to be published). That’s a record year for the entirely volunteer-run organization.

Continuing this year, with the support of Global Pet Foods (171 Dupont St., at St. George) and teaming up with hockey commentator Don Cherry, the Show Us Your Heart fundraising campaign takes place Feb. 1–15 when cat lovers can visit the store and make a donation of as little as $1. The national chain has raised $570,000 since 2006 for the benefit of local animal shelters.

Few people realize the extent to which Annex Cat Rescue has aided homeless cats. Some cats are too wild to be adopted and reside in feral cat communities. Volunteers from the organization trap these cats and bring them to a vet for a check up and to be spayed or neutered, after which they are returned to their communities. In part, the fundraising efforts offset the expense of this important program.

“When you donate to Show Us Your Heart you’re supporting smaller, community-based organizations’ – the local shelters and groups that don’t receive government funding or have their own fundraising departments,” said Jim Walker, president of Global Pet Foods. “These shelters do all the work, often on their own dime and through the blood, sweat, and tears of volunteers. This is our way of giving back to them.”

“There is nothing more heartbreaking than a homeless pet wanting to be loved,” said Cherry. “Show Us Your Heart is an easy way to give back and make a real difference to pets in need.”

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