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Rethinking Eating Disorders

February 27th, 2012 · No Comments


By Alexa Huffman

Kyla Fox opened the centre in February-courtesy Kyla Fox.

Kyla Fox is bursting with excitement at the thought of opening her very own building for the treatment of eating disorders.

Fox knows first hand how hard getting healthy can be. She struggled with an eating disorder when she was younger. She feels there are gaps in the medical community and challenges including long wait lists and limited services

“I feel like I’ve had this building in my heart, mind and soul for a long time because it’s the idea of what I would have wanted for myself,” said Fox.

The Kyla Fox Therapy Centre (174 Bedford Rd.) will be an innovative new facility that treats eating disorders by using clinical therapy and a holistic approach that includes treatments such as acupuncture, massage, and yoga.

The spacious location on the third floor of an old house, opened on Feb. 6. It is 2,200 square feet and U-shaped. It is a bright open space with arched ceilings and skylights where people who are affected by eating disorders, either directly or indirectly, can go to utilize resources.

I feel like I’ve had this building in my heart, mind and soul for a long time because it’s the idea of what I would have wanted for myself—Kyla Fox, founder of The Kyla Fox Therapy Centre

The location is ideal because it is the centre of the city.  Fox, also a family and couples therapist, says that having it located it in Toronto allows people to heal close to home.

“It really makes it easy for people to go to get everything in one place,” said Fox. “The hard part is struggling with the disorder.  We don’t want to make getting help complicated.”

There are many different types of therapy available including private therapy for individuals, families, and couples. In addition, there are drop-in groups.

“They are through the days and evenings. The clients will get to choose which groups they want and they can plan out their weeks,” said office manager Jamie Johnson. “We trust the clients know their bodies and will help us to guide them.”

Group therapy sessions include a binge eating group, a teen group and even a group for kid’s aged 10-13, not found anywhere else except at SickKids.

“The symptoms of an eating disorder may be similar but everyone heals differently. There should be more options and we are offering them,” said Fox.

The centre also boasts a kitchen where holistic nutritionists can help clients during drop in meal times. Fox, who often eats meals with her patients, feels renewing the relationship with food is an important part of healing.

Yoga Studio in The Kyla Fox Therapy Centre

“We are helping them see how food is safe, wonderful thing,” said Fox.

Fox has hired other experts in the field including therapists like Margaret Powell, who has worked with Fox at Sheena’s Centre, another place in Toronto that focuses on eating disorders, and Joanna Anderson who has worked at SickKids.

There is also a volunteer program that is an opportunity for people who are recovered to be part of the centre.

“Each person working here has extensive experience with eating disorders,” said Fox. “It’s a community to come and be safe. There are amazing, strong women all around.”

The process to get in is simple. An appointment is made through either a phone call or an email. Then there is a consultation with a therapist and volunteers to see what type of therapy they need.

There will also be free information nights for anyone in the community dealing with eating disorders, like teachers. The centre does operate for profit, although for the month of February all the drop-in groups are free.

“The people who live with eating disorders and the families and loved ones who are affected, need more support and attention.” said Debbie Berlin-Romalis, one of the centre’s therapists.

The goal is to have busy place that people want to come back to. In the future, Fox would like to see intensive program and perhaps a residential location.

“I feel I was put on this planet to change the way we view eating disorders and how we heal them,” said Fox. “My vision doesn’t stop here.”

For more information on centre’s programs, visit

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