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GLEANER NEWS FILE PHOTO BY R.S. KONJEK: The CXTO Cookie Cross returns to Christie Pits on October 28. Open to riders of all skill levels and bikes, the event will feature Try a Cross, Elite and Masters races, and Bateman’s Bicycle Company will give away a Norco Threshold Cycle Cross Bike. For further information, please see

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NEWS (FALL 2017): Students argue for new residence

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Finding a place to live an urgent need

By Marielle Torrefranca

When Maureen Gustafson was searching for a place to live near the University of Toronto, she quickly hit a wall.

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ARTS (FALL 2017): Dance that provides sustenance

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Sandra Laronde debuts new piece with Toronto Symphony Orchestra

By Geremy Bordonaro

Dance, as an art form, has the power to change lives. No one knows this better than Sandra Laronde, who wants to put Indigenous dance on the world stage.

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HISTORY (FALL 2017): Remembering Sir William Howland

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Howland Avenue takes its name from noted reformer

By David Raymont

An Annex-area street recalls the contribution of one-time local business titan and politician Sir William Howland.

Howland’s speculation in land in the Annex area resulted in Howland Avenue being named for him. He also founded the village of Lambton Mills on the Humber River.

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CHATTER (FALL 2017): Free corn for everyone!

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PICTURE BY GEREMY BORDONARO/GLEANER NEWS Community members celebrated the advent of fall at the Annex Residents’ Association’s annual cornfest on Sept. 17 in Jean Sibelius Square.

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CHATTER (FALL 2017): Dispensary search leads to 15 charged

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The Toronto Police Service executed a search warrant at the Canna Clinic Dispensary in Kensington Market on September 11.

The police seized a large quantity of cannabis and cannabis-related substances including 169 kilograms of marijuana, 14.5 kilograms of marijuana oil, and 5 kilograms of a highly potent marijuana extract known as shatter. Approximately $14,000 in cash was seized along with the drugs.

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CHATTER (FALL 2017): Violent crime in 14 Division

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The Toronto Police Service (TPS) is investigating three high-profile cases of aggravated assault that occurred in 14 Division within a few days of each other in early September.

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EDITORIAL (FALL 2017): Bike lanes, good for business

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When confronted with the question of whether or not to support the city’s pilot bike lanes on Bloor Street, the Bloor Annex and Korea Town Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) commissioned a study on the economic impact of the bike lanes. The comprehensive evaluation yielded clear results and also found a discrepancy between the attitudes of merchants and the positive impact the lanes appeared to have on their bottom lines.

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FORUM (FALL 2017): Toronto — an artistic city

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Home to nearly 25,000 working artists

By Joe Cressy

Cities are more than bricks and mortar and places where people live. Great cities are vibrant and dynamic. And, great cities contribute to this by investing in arts and culture, not because they are a nice to have but because they make our cities livable.

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HISTORY (FALL 2017): Inspiring the spine

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Heritage Toronto unveils Joseph Bloore plaque

PICTURE BY GEREMY BORDONARO/GLEANER NEWS: Approximately 100 people gathered at 117 Bloor St. E. on Aug. 31 to celebrate the unveiling of a plaque dedicated to Joseph Bloore. The plaque, located close to the site of Bloore’s home, includes a part of a previous one dedicated to the inspiration for Bloor Street and text by Heritage Toronto. It took more than seven years to create this new plaque, which may never have been unveiled if not for the passion and enthusiasm of local residents.

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