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CHATTER (MARCH 2017): Preliminary data on Bloor Street pilot bike lane released

March 22nd, 2017 · No Comments


Preliminary data on the Bloor Street Bike Lane Pilot was released in February. Separated bike lanes were installed along Bloor Street from Avenue Road to Shaw Street last August. The city has released preliminary transportation data, including a traffic volume count and a travel time study along with a public opinion poll. Data collection was done both before and after the pilot was put in. While cycling has increased by 36 per cent and 63 per cent of drivers said that they were safe around cyclists on Bloor Street, travel times for times for cars have also increased by four minutes during the morning rush-hour and eight-and-a-half minutes during the afternoon rush-hour. Most people asked about the project seem to support it, except for drivers, only a third of whom are in favour of the bike lanes. The city is studying how to improve traffic flow, and the report — which will also include information about the impact the lanes are having on local businesses — will be delivered to city council later this year.

The Bloor Annex and Korea Town BIAs and the Metcalf Foundation have sponsored a study on the economic impact of the lanes on local business and the community. The study will be completed in the fall.

—Geremy Bordonaro/Annex Gleaner



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