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FOCUS: Where do our candidates stand? (Provincial Election 2022)

May 24th, 2022 · Comments Off on FOCUS: Where do our candidates stand? (Provincial Election 2022)

Gleaner asks University-Rosedale hopefuls six key questions

When there is an election at the provincial or federal level, the Gleaner asks candidates questions about their policy positions on issues of the day. As the June election is almost upon us, their answers may help you decide how to cast your vote on June 2. (Note: the answers are in alphabetical order by candidate’s surname).

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NEWS: Candidates clash over climate platforms (Provincial Election 2022)

May 24th, 2022 · Comments Off on NEWS: Candidates clash over climate platforms (Provincial Election 2022)

PC candidate a no show, parties unite in opposition to Ford

By Carly Penrose

Only three of the University-Rosedale candidates running in the Ontario election this spring were present for the  University-Rosedale All Candidates Provinical Election Debate held Tuesday, May 10.   

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FORUM: A wasted election, now Mr. Trudeau please deliver (Fall 2021)

November 11th, 2021 · Comments Off on FORUM: A wasted election, now Mr. Trudeau please deliver (Fall 2021)

Many promises are now on the books that must be fulfilled

By Jessica Bell

Canada’s 44th election is over. The election cost $660 million, and delivered the same results as before, give or take a few seats. The Liberals got the minority they deserved.   

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NEWS: Former City Councillor Ila Bossons, dead at 83 (Dec. 2020)

December 21st, 2020 · Comments Off on NEWS: Former City Councillor Ila Bossons, dead at 83 (Dec. 2020)

Ila Bossons, former Chair of the Annex Resident’s Association, died December 7 at the age of 83. Bossons served as a Metro and Toronto city councillor from 1988-2000, serving four terms through the turbulent period of Toronto’s amalgamation.

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NEWS: Candidates face-off (Oct. 2019)

October 17th, 2019 · Comments Off on NEWS: Candidates face-off (Oct. 2019)

Conservative candidate absent for climate-dominated debate

Candidates who were present expressed consensus on the need to address climate change but disagreed how it should be tackled. Ahmed Hagar/Gleaner News

By Ahmed Hagar

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FORUM: Vajda makes the NDP case (Oct. 2019)

October 17th, 2019 · 3 Comments

Community lawyer pushes planks of housing, climate crisis

By Melissa Jean-Baptiste Vajda

University-Rosedale is a vibrant, diverse community. Over the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of advocating for University-Rosedale residents through my work as a community lawyer at Kensington-Bellwoods Legal Community Services. Now, I want to stand up for Uni-versity-Rosedale in Ottawa, as your next Member of Parliament. 

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FORUM: What kind of province do we want? (March 2018)

March 22nd, 2018 · Comments Off on FORUM: What kind of province do we want? (March 2018)

A case for inclusivity and fairness

By Jessica Bell

I’ve been a community organizer and an executive director of non-profits for nearly 20 years, winning real change for human rights and the environment.

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Mulcair, Cressy against island airport expansion, support transit funding

May 27th, 2014 · Comments Off on Mulcair, Cressy against island airport expansion, support transit funding


Leader of the Opposition and NDP leader Thomas Mulcair and federal by-election candidate Joe Cressy walk the walk with the Gleaner recently in Little Italy. BRIAN BURCHELL/GLEANER NEWS

Leader of the Opposition and NDP leader Thomas Mulcair and federal by-election candidate Joe Cressy walk the walk with the Gleaner recently in Little Italy. BRIAN BURCHELL/GLEANER NEWS


By Annemarie Brissenden

Thomas Mulcair leaves his hockey hoodie at home in Montreal when he visits Toronto.
“When I went for my run this morning, I had on a great big Habs hoodie, and I thought…maybe I should bring this to Toronto, and then I thought…nah,” joked the official opposition and New Democratic Party (NDP) leader over an exclusive and wide-ranging conversation with the Gleaner last month. Accompanied by Joe Cressy, the NDP candidate for Trinity-Spadina, the gentlemen spoke over coffee at Il Gatto Nero, where nothing, not the Central Technical School field, the proposed island airport expansion, or the mayoral race, was off the menu.
It seems appropriate, given that a diversity of taste is what defines the area for Mulcair.
“We’re in an Italian café, I can see the Portuguese flag across the street, you’re in an area where you’ve got the best to celebrate every bit of Canadian diversity, which is magnified tenfold here in Trinity-Spadina,” said Mulcair.
For Cressy, it’s the parks that give the area its special flavour.
“This is a riding where our neighbourhoods define [themselves] by their parks. Christie Pits to Trinity-Bellwood…Bickford Park to Jean Sibelius. You talk about building a community, and with the condominiums in the south, the park is home,” said Cressy, who has keenly followed the Toronto District School Board’s attempt to bring a championship field to Central Technical School at Harbord and Bathurst streets.
A resident of Albany Avenue, he plays soccer on the field in the summer, so “I’ve been very involved, as have many, as I value Central Tech as a pillar in our community as a place to do recreation and come together.” And, he recognizes the concerns of the local neighbourhood about the proposal to bring in the dome.
“It’s not just around congestion and parking,” explained Cressy, “but access to our greenspace and our field.”
He is equally opposed to expanding the island airport, and defined the debate as a choice between “a large, diverse, and vibrant waterfront that happens to have a small airport” and “a large airport that happens to have a small waterfront.”
Mulcair agreed, noting that the tripartite agreement must be the starting point, and that any change would need broader support.
“The project that’s there now was controversial in its time,” commented Mulcair. “With the tripartite agreement in place, everyone has made their peace with the current situation, but [expanding the island airport] would be a huge change. We would never consider something like that without very widespread social adhesion, which doesn’t seem to be the case right now.”
The only mayoral candidate clearly opposed to expanding the island airport is Olivia Chow. Unsurprisingly, she is also the candidate that both Cressy and Mulcair support.
“I am an active supporter, and was an early encourager for Olivia to run,” said Cressy, who was the campaign chair for Olivia Chow and Mike Layton, and the president of the Trinity-Spadina federal NDP riding association. “Our city deserves better than our current mayor.”
“Rob Ford has been an embarrassment to Canada’s most important city,” added Mulcair. “I don’t enjoy the fact that the only time Toronto gets referred to in the American press is when his most recent video of his appalling behaviour is on display. I think Torontonians deserve better, and that with Olivia Chow they’ll have much better.”
Mulcair and Cressy admitted that it can be difficult to champion Toronto in the federal arena, but they are both committed to pursuing an urban agenda in Ottawa.
“We are a highly urbanized country. People tend to overlook the fact that we’ve stopped investing federally in those areas,” said Mulcair. “We’re asking municipalities to form the impossible. We’re giving them 8% of the tax base and we’re asking them to take care of 60% of the infrastructure. That is just a mathematical impossibility.”
“I am running to proudly champion downtown Toronto,” said Cressy. “Here in the GTA we’re losing $6 billion a year because of gridlock, in lost productivity. And so it’s a quality of life issue. It’s an environmental issue, and it’s also about economic productivity. If we’re going to get Torontonians moving again, we need stable, predictable, and permanent funding for transit. That’s the key. Not just for the next generation, but supporting existing transit to alleviate congestion.”
While for Cressy, then, transit is the most critical issue facing Trinity-Spadina, for Mulcair it is income inequality.
“For the past 35 years, the average Canadian family has actually seen their revenue drop. It’s the first time that’s ever happened in our history,” explained Mulcair. “Whether it’s a social program, or a social service, there are, from a social democratic view, things that you can do to create opportunity, but the fundamental role is to reduce income inequality in our society. That’s my number one job as a national leader.”

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Remembering Alice Heap (1925–2012)

April 12th, 2012 · Comments Off on Remembering Alice Heap (1925–2012)

Alice and Dan Heap had this photo taken for Dan's Holiday season householder in 1993. They stand on the porch of their home at 29 Wales Ave. in Kensington Market. Courtesy David Smiley

By Lee Zaslofsky

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Parkdale High-Park hopefuls grilled on health care, inflation, electric trains

September 27th, 2011 · 1 Comment

Compiled by Emina Gamulin, Perry King, and Rebecca Payne

Check out the links below about our Q & A with candidates for the Parkdale-High Park riding.

The riding

The candidates

Question One: The state of health care in PHP
Question Two: Poverty
Question Three: Clean trains
Question Four: Energy inflation
Question Five: the Ontario Arts Council

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Where do they stand? Trinity-Spadina candidates answer your questions

September 14th, 2011 · 1 Comment

Compiled by Emina Gamulin, Mike Radoslav, and Lindsay Tsuji

Click on the links below for more information about Trinity-Spadina and our Q & A with the MPP candidates in the upcoming provincial election on Oct 6.

The Riding
Trin-Spa Statistics

The Candidates

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Your community needs you: ask your west-downtown MPP candidates some tough questions

August 12th, 2011 · 9 Comments

It’s that time again!

The Gleaner is interviewing MPP candidates for Trinity-Spadina and Parkdale-High Park in advance of the Oct. 6 provincial election. We are soliciting questions from our readers that we will compile and pose to candidates on your behalf.

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Rosario Marchese’s 50 years in Toronto

May 10th, 2011 · 2 Comments

By Susan Oppenheim

Rosario Marchese, right, has been a sitting MP in Trinity-Spadina since 1990. Photo credit: Perry King/Gleaner News

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