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NEWS: Shoppers Drug Mart changes course after story (Feb. 2024)

April 6th, 2024 · No Comments

Monitoring now only occurs at point of purchase 

Video surveillance has taken the place of human receipt checkers at Shoppers. BRIAN BURCHELL/GLEANER NEWS

By Brian Burchell

Following the Annex Gleaner article that appeared in December 2023: “Receipt checks raise retail conflict,” the Shoppers Drug Mart on Bloor Street West at Walmer Road has ceased the practise of asking customers to show receipts after using the self-checkout. 

The article chronicled the backlash that the location was facing over the program.

Not only did the store not have the legal right to require customers to show receipts for their purchases, but the risk of discrimination was evident as security staff had to decide who they should check, leaving the door wide open to bias.

Cameras now monitor the point of purchase at the self-checkout in a manner that is both passive and universal.


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