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December 13th, 2022 · No Comments

Re: Grading our Greenspaces – Margaret Fairley Park

I always enjoy getting the Annex Gleaner and have appreciated your Grading our Greenspace for many years…good for the neighbourhood and good for the parks department.

So here are my two cents when it comes to Margaret Fairley Park. Having lived in the neighbourhood for years, I was glad when it was renovated/changed. There are lots of nice things about it; but, when you do your grades, please have a look at the furniture. The park furniture, looking rustic with old wood benches and tables, is certainly the most uncomfortable way to sit anywhere, for both children and adults; the proportions are terrible. 

There’s no place comfortable to sit in the park, whether you’re an oldie like me, or a young parent, or even a child. Maybe someone likes this naturalistic “look” but it does not function well at all. Try sitting down at one of those tables and imagine you’re bringing some food or a drink.

This is just something Marisa and Hailey [authors of this year’s park reviews in the Gleaner] can take into consideration.

Thanks again for your wonderful community service.

—Michael Kerman

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