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NEWS: First Black woman appointed superintendent (Feb. 2021)

March 5th, 2021 · No Comments

Supt. Stacy Clarke has become the first Black woman to be appointed Superintendent at Toronto Police Service. COURTESY RONALD FANFAIR/TORONTO POLICE SERVICE

Stacy Clarke, the second-in-command at Toronto Police Service (TPS) 14 Division has been appointed superintendent, a rank never before held at TPS by a Black female officer. 

With that rank, Supt. Clarke, a 24-year veteran of the force has been assigned the position of Commander of the Community Partnerships and Engagement Unit, which provides and develops programmes and initiatives that positively impact communities and support TPS officers. It is a role which has significant impact for Black communities.

14 Division serves the Annex community west of Spadina and includes a large swath of downtown all the way to the lake. 

The mother of a 14-year old daughter and 12-year old son, Clarke has spent her years in policing trying to build partnerships and bridge the gap between TPS and the city’s Black community. 

The Jamaican-born Clarke previously served in the Professional Standards Unit and at the Toronto Police College. She was a co-chair of the Police and Community Engagement Review (PACER) for the TPS, promoting a bias-free service. According to the Jamaica Canadian Association, the PACER committee oversaw the implementation of 31 recommendations from the community regarding police interaction. 

There is only one other Black female superintendent in Canada, Supt. Isobel Granger with the Ottawa Police Service who was appointed in 2019. 

After receiving the news of her appointment from Acting Police Chief James Ramer, Supt. Clarke posted to her Twitter account: “I’ve spent the last few hrs reflecting on the hill I’ve climbed but also on those who have paved the way 4 me. I am humbled & filled with pride. Thank you.”

—Brian Burchell/Gleaner News

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