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FOCUS: Andrà tutto bene – Everything will be alright (Apr. 2020)

May 1st, 2020 · 2 Comments

A message from the artist

Lynne Dalgleish calls for compassion, patience, love, kindness, and empathy, in her passionate plea of hope. BRIAN BURCHELL/GLEANER NEWS

By Lynne Dalgleish

I had read about the “Andrà tutto bene” (everything will be alright) rainbow drawings that the people of Italy were putting in their windows to boost morale and delight children.

I am a graphic recorder by profession which means that I capture, in real-time, the conversation, keynote or discussion that is happening at a conference, workshop, or meeting. Usually, I scribe on big 8 x 4 ft. foam boards just like the one in front of my house. As you can imagine, all of my gigs have dried up and I haven’t had any work since the end of February. 

After almost a month of being very unproductive, I found myself suddenly wanting to draw. It was a sunny Sunday and I was singing online with Choir! Choir! Choir!  After feeling disconnected for so long, it felt great to feel  connected to a broader community and I felt inspired to reach out somehow. At first, I started drawing on a small piece of paper and then I ran upstairs to get an 8 foot board and my easels because I suddenly realized I had a lot to share!

 I started with the image of the rainbow and went from there. I drew all afternoon and late into the evening and then the next day. I was hoping that I could share the board with my neighbours and inspire them with the visual message to stay home. I wanted the idea of working together toward a common goal to be the focus. I filled the board with illustrations of activities we could hope to do in our newly discovered spare time, sharing messages of hope, compassion, love, patience and empathy.  I also wanted to remind people WHY we are staying home: to contain the virus, to flatten the curve and to protect our heroes – the healthcare workers. 

I built a frame, dug some holes, stapled the board to the frame, and stuck it in my front garden. Since the board has gone up, I have met many neighbours who have stopped to take pictures and thank me. I’m not sure how long it will last as it’s only on foam core. But the ink has held out through two rainstorms, a very windy day and even a little snow!

People have let me know about a Reddit thread dedicated to the board and BlogTO has posted pictures on Facebook and Instagram. Even Choir! Choir! Choir! posted an image of my board on their Facebook page where it has traveled around the world! Others have posted my board to Linkedin and I’ve made many new connections as a result. I have had inquiries from all over North America from people who wish to share it with loved ones working in hospitals or make posters for their own neighbours.

In this time of uncertainty and isolation, I am very grateful to feel connected to so many people. By reaching out to my community, I have received so much in return. And that has been a very valuable lesson! 

Lynne Dalgleish is a Huron Street resident.


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