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CHATTER: “A burger and a pound of butter please…” (Apr. 2020)

May 1st, 2020 · No Comments

As social distancing rules cause hour-long line ups at the local Metro, people are also having trouble finding free time slots for grocery delivery. Fortunately for stressed-out shoppers, our friendly neighbourhood Paupers Pub is getting into the grocery game. 

“Our customers were asking for certain provisions, and it started from there,” explains Pub Manager Shelby Larose.  “Whether it’s sugar, a loaf of bread or butter, our list keeps getting bigger.”

As Canada’s food supply chain adjusts to the surging demand in domestic buying, Paupers continues to access the restaurant supply chain to bring fresh produce, dairy, meat and bread to customers. Even their eggs come with the “Foodland Ontario” stamp.

They’re also offering a $25 produce box, with something new added every day. The Annex mainstay that has been serving the neighbourhood for thirty years continues to serve it in trying times.

That same restaurant supply chain allows Paupers to offer provisions at a lower or only slightly higher price than the big grocery stores. For example, a pound of boneless chicken breasts runs you $9.00 at Metro, but is only $6.50 at Paupers.

“I think it’s great what you’re doing,” a local resident tells Ms. Larose, as she picks up her order.”They’re providing us things we’d rather not line up for.”

For those Pauper’s fans who miss the pub’s nachos and local draft brews, you can order a nacho kit and a six pack of beer with your food purchase, at only one to two dollars more than the Beer Store. Wine is also available at just a dollar or two more than the LCBO, a small price to pay for avoiding those long lineups.

Since we all need a little comfort these days, trays of meat or cheese lasagna, butter chicken, mac and cheese and chicken parmesan are still available to heat up at home for only $15 a tray. 

Top it off with a piece of Oreo Cheesecake or Bourbon Crunch for five bucks, and it’s easy to imagine that Pauper’s well-loved first and third floor patios will twinkle again soon. 

To place an order, call: 416-530-1331. Orders can be picked up at their take out counter or delivered to your vehicle outside. Mon-Sun 12-9 pm. Check for updates.

—Nicole Stoffman, Gleaner News


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