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December 30th, 2018 · No Comments

Not so funny

Re: How Nice editorial cartoon (October 2018)

I have lived in the Annex for 40 years. I love living here and am so glad The Annex Gleaner exists. This is the first time opening the paper made me sad. I have never voted Conservative, never will, and I put in a good number of years working alongside Jack Layton, two of them at City Hall.

The editorial cartoon, “But I’m a moderate Conservative” is not a cartoon. It’s four blocks of words and images that reek of hate and name-calling. This hateful, generalized statement is not funny at all.

I know if I brought it to Jack Layton’s attention, he would just shake his head and not give it a second glance. Maybe, like me, he would have sighed and been saddened.

The Gleaner can do better, providing a more intelligent and well-rounded perspective.

—Peter Ehrlich


Twelve disciples were enough, once

Re: Election chaos (October 2018)

I am a long-time resident in the Annex and I felt surprised by your article. There are still too many council members — 25 is too much.

The more people the greater the chaos. If Jesus could run the entire earth with 12 people, why do we need so many for Toronto?

If you say we are not represented enough then make the alternative choice — every one of us should have a seat.

See how ridiculous the argument is for so many?

Noemi Soloviov

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