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LETTERS: A bushel of tomatoes (Jan. 2018)

January 29th, 2018 · No Comments

Re: “Height-ened fears” (December 2017)

In response to the comments of Ms. McKenna of KPMB Architects in Height-ened fears:

First — the BSUC proposed 38 story tower will not be glorifying Bloor Street — it will be behind the church on a smaller side street, Huron Street, where traffic for the proposed 220 residence units, plus three office floors, plus two parking levels plus major service vehicles all will enter and exit as kids pass by on their way to their elementary school down the block.

Second — it is interesting that not one of the people whom she states came up to her personally at the end of the community feedback evening saying they were for it, were ever heard from in the public forum.

Her sample of one such feedback — “look, my tomato plants will be shadowed for half an hour. I get it. I’m in favour of this” — eerily echoes a complaint made in the public forum from someone who said “I hope you plan to send me a bushel of tomatoes every summer because I’ll never be able to grow them again”.

That’s because the shadowing from the proposed height will shut off sunshine for hours — not half an hour — each day.

The proposal for 38 storeys is over-reaching and greedy — it serves the United Church Canada while negatively affecting the well-being of the surrounding community.

—Sheila Arkin

Prince Arthur Avenue

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