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CHATTER (DECEMBER 2016): Marijuana dispensary opens

December 20th, 2016 · No Comments

Pacifico Life (444 Bloor St. W.), a marijuana dispensary, opened its Toronto doors late last month with a mission “to educate, empower, and alleviate”. The Hamilton-based business sells many different products derived from the plant, including bath bombs, lip salves, oils, and soaps. It also dispenses the flower itself, but only for medical use. The plant is sourced from 100 growers, some as far as away as British Columbia.

Owner Tamara Hirsh, herself a user for medical reasons, is dedicated to educating people about the difference between medical and recreational use, which she doesn’t necessarily support except to alleviate pain or stress. She also stresses the heavy security measures she has in place at the store, and explains that she will only sell to customers who produce a medical licence and are over 19 (customers younger than 30 years old must provide two pieces of identification).

She acknowledges that her store may be closed by police, but says her customers are supportive.

“We’re changing people’s lives,” says Hirsh. “We may get raided, but my god it’s worth it.”

—Annemarie Brissenden with files from Noelle Defour



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