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May 13th, 2016 · No Comments

Beware the corporatization of Bloor Street

Re “Rexall replaces Brunswick House” (April 2016):

Anyone who sees Rexall’s move into the Brunswick location as a good thing or as a positive addition to the neighbourhood is sorrily mistaken. I am not sentimental regarding the loss of the Brunswick House itself, but sad to see a large American company move into this location. They will add nothing to the neighbourhood and take their profits out of Canada.

To those and in this I include Mr. Cressy (Ward 20, Trinity-Spadina) who saw the previous tenant as “problematic”: please pack up your belongings and move out. You should have been aware of the long-standing Brunswick House (40 plus years?). This part of Bloor Street has always been a destination for revellers and those out to enjoy some nightlife. The continual gentrification/corporatization of our neighbourhoods and Bloor Street in particular detracts from the city.

Want peace and quiet? I hear Elliot Lake is nice.

—John de Vries

Manning Avenue


A brighter park at night

Re Matt Cohen Park: Coming out of the Spadina subway station one night recently I noticed that dark, deserted, and out of place looking corner: the north paved part of Matt Cohen Park at the southeast Bloor Street/Spadina Avenue corner.

During daylight hours people get together there to chat and spend some time in the sun, read, count the number of cars that go through red lights, play cards or dominos, play musical instruments and dance some evenings.

At night, the place is dark, pitch black, empty, and somewhat dangerous looking.

It would only take two pole lamps, four metal benches (expanded metal benches last longer and do not absorb fat from discarded food and food containers), and slight rearrangement of the existing obsidian blocks, perhaps to form a stage, etc. Voila, we have a park that people can enjoy 24 hours. It could be a mini Dundas Square, with coffee and donuts close by.

If nothing else the corner would look part of the city, part of Bloor Street and Spadina Avenue and not a back alley in Marrakesh.

—Rudolf Manook

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