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Thank you for the trip back!

October 8th, 2015 · No Comments

I lived above the Harbord Bakery (“Breaking bread with friends”, August 2015) in the early ‘60s. A newcomer to Toronto, I initially saw only space (furnished one-bedroom) and location (close to the U of T) that were right for me; however, I was soon to learn what a legendary roof I had found.

The Kosowers were ideal landlords – there when you needed them – who surprised me shortly after my arrival with a wonderfully decorated and personally inscribed birthday cake! The children were very much on the scene, mirroring the many family friends among the regular customers.

I cooked my first Thanksgiving turkey there (mixed reviews), soothed weekend guests startled by early-morning church bells, and – TV sets then still a rare bonus in such rentals – shared my screen with friends for the Kennedy/Nixon debates and Sunday night’s “Bonanza”. In time I acquired roommates and a bigger apartment, but never again an address that was so widely recognized with so much warmth.

The Gleaner article caught the place I remember. Thank you for the trip back!

Lois Reimer, Toronto

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