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Bike parking key to lane success

August 28th, 2015 · No Comments

Thank you for your thoughtful editorial in the July 2015 edition. I think you articulated very well the many reasons for replacing one lane of car traffic with bike lanes on Bloor Street.

You are right to note that if next summer’s pilot project is to succeed, it will be crucial that sufficient parking for cyclists be in place.

When bike lanes on Harbord were re-installed a few years ago, our association and the Harbord Street BIA identified the 50-foot no-parking zones on the residential streets that are adjacent to Harbord as ideal locations for bike racks.

It is my understanding that the Ontario Highway Traffic Act forbids the parking of motorized vehicles within the first 50 feet of an intersection. The presumed intent is that everyone has an unobstructed view as they approach that intersection. If bike racks were placed on side streets adjacent to Bloor Street, this would only partially obstruct anyone’s view and would provide another reason for all vehicle drivers to slow down.  Just recently the Bloor-Borden Farmers’ Market coordinators persuaded the city to install a large bike rack on Borden Street, immediately south of Bloor Street, in a no-parking zone.  This is a precedent that should open the door to many similar installations on other streets.

If and when the city installs bike racks on side streets immediately north and south of Bloor Street, my own view is that this would also be a good time to remove bike parking rings from already crowded sidewalks. This will discourage cyclists (including myself) from riding on sidewalks to reach the nearest bike ring, and thus improve pedestrian safety. Living in dense downtown neighbourhoods as we do, anything that removes conflict between different users of public spaces is something that should be considered.

As your editorial notes, our association has been supportive of bike lanes on Bloor?Street for a few years. We look forward to next summer’s pilot project.

Tim Grant,

Chair, Harbord Village Residents’ Association

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