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‘Tis the season to Glean: Holiday Wishlist and Covers

November 17th, 2011 · 1 Comment

Help us spread the word on a couple of things we do every December here at the Gleaner: a holiday-themed  cover and an Annex-centric wishlist.

Every December edition, the Gleaner features community and holiday-themed artwork on our  covers for both our Annex and Liberty editions. We are currently looking for submissions reflecting this theme.

In the past, covers have generally been traditional interpretations—snowy Annex streetscapes, snowmen and Santa Claus–but we are open to any and all images that say holiday and community. Photos, painting, collage, mixed-media, comics, drawings, installations, etc. are all welcome.  Bonus points for local artists or the art is neighbourhood-centric.

And wishes:

-We are seeking an infinite number of wishes. They can be whimsical or practical. They can be personal, political, or community related. Past wishes have included everything from “I wish there was a hot dog stand in the Annex,” to resurrecting a beloved tree that was cut down, to Rob Ford looking good in a Speedo.

-While we want world peace just as much as everyone else, please try and keep your wishes local.

– Wishes must be between one and 250 words. Visual interpretations of wishes are also welcome.

Please submit your wishlist by November 21 at the stroke of midnight to Please include your name, and either your professional title or the street that you live on . We reserve the right to edit wishes for space, spelling and grammar. Artwork must be recieved no later than Nov. 21 for the Annex and  Nov. 30 for the Liberty.

We really hope you all can take part! Tell your neighbours and friends!

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  • 1 Anna // Nov 17, 2011 at 2:50 pm

    Bike lanes on Bloor!!! It’s time.