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Trustee challenger accuses TDSB of corruption

October 18th, 2010 · 3 Comments

By Khristopher Reardon

Ward 10 trustee candidate Michael Sims says he is shocked by the “level of corruption and opacity” at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) following an investigation of incumbent Chris Bolton.

Chris Bolton

Calendars were handed to elementary students bearing incumbent Chris Bolton’s image and campaign website, which is a violation of TDSB election policies.

“I’m upset that the TDSB is refusing to enforce its own policies against trustees campaigning in the schools,” said Sims in a phone interview.

Bolton gave calendars to school principal Maria Pantalone at the Old Orchard Junior Public School (380 Ossington Ave.). Several parents complained when their children came home with campaign literature for Bolton.

Maria Pantalone is the sister of mayoral hopeful Joe Pantalone.

“You see there is a very incestuous, problematic relationship here with people named Pantalone—Joe and Maria, with people named Layton, with people named Bolton,” said Sims at an all-candidates debate at the Garrison (1197 Dundas St. W.).

Sims and Ward 19 council candidate Sean McCormick have openly accused council candidate Mike Layton of wrongdoing for campaigning with Bolton. “Mike needs to prove to the voters of Ward 19 that they can trust him, this is a good test of his character as it will show whether he will put the interests of the Ward ahead of the interests of the New Democratic Party,” said McCormick in a press release.

Sims says he is not surprised that it was Pantalone’s school where the offending calendars were distributed. “It’s clear that there’s a little bit of influence-peddling going on here and I don’t think it’s coincidence that Chris Bolton chose Ms. Pantalone’s school to distribute these flyers out.”

Michael Sims

According to a Toronto Star report, “Bolton said he delivered the cards to Maria Pantalone on Monday [Oct. 4] because he was ‘in the neighbourhood.’” Bolton told the Star he had been sick in September when asked why the calendars, which would normally go out at the beginning of the school year, went out in October.

In a telephone interview with The Gleaner Bolton refused to comment directly on any of  Sims’ accusations.

“It’s not news, it’s been withdrawn, the letter basically says it,” said Bolton. “What we should be concentrating on is … policy.”

Bolton did issue an apology on his website. “This calendar, in error, had my campaign website address on it,” he said.

TDSB media representative Kelly Baker says the board has investigated the matter. She says no further action is needed since the TDSB stopped distribution of the calendars and an apology was issued by Bolton.

“The trustees do regular letters, so this wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for a school to distribute a newsletter,” said Baker.

Sims is seeking more information about the investigation which according to Baker took “a few days.” In an email to TDSB chair Bruce Davis, Sims asked the board to be explicit in explaining what actions they have taken. “Who determined that trustee Bolton’s actions were not, in fact, in contravention of board policies? Have you requested legal advice about the implications of the TDSB violating the Municipal Elections Act?” As of press date, Sims had not received a response. Repeated attempts were made by The Gleaner to contact Davis for comment, but calls were not returned.

Sims says he is very disappointed that the investigation has not yielded any action.

“You know I don’t have any access to go to the school and put flyers in kids’ backpacks. I can’t go to the school principal and give them a stack of flyers and say ‘Distribute these to all of the parents.’ It’s an abuse of power,” said Sims.

Bolton, who has been a Ward 10 trustee since 2003 believes the matter has been overblown. “Why would there be an investigation?” said Bolton. “It’s something that we’ve done for years, it’s not news.”

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