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FOCUS: Grading our Greenspace (Dec. 2023)

December 23rd, 2023 · Comments Off on FOCUS: Grading our Greenspace (Dec. 2023)

Compiled by Alexa Méndez

Rejuvinated Queen’s Park looking north. MIA KESKINEN/GLEANER NEWS

Each year the Annex Gleaner reviews the abundance of parks in our coverage area using a variety of criteria. While there is no decisive “winner” of the grading, letter grades are assigned to convey the quality of the parks considering aspects such as upkeep, design, and amenities. The reviews accompanying the grades also let the reader know what makes each space unique.

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Green sanctuaries in the heart of the city

June 15th, 2016 · Comments Off on Green sanctuaries in the heart of the city

Annual parks survey returns

Upkeep, or lack thereof, marks the return of our popular Grading our Greenspace feature. Published in two parts, we visit parks in our coverage area and review them based on cleanliness, amenities, and atmosphere. Our round-up reflects a mixed bag: some parks continued to be great, while others seem to have dipped further into mediocrity. Unkempt parks, with uncut grass, poorly maintained amenities, and dying flowerbeds, are a major complaint among park users, something that shouldn’t be difficult to address. With greenspace at a premium in our neighbourhoods, our parks have become more important than ever. What our reviews demonstrate is that parks, when well maintained, are thriving community hubs. We’ll publish our second part in the July edition and look forward to your comments, whether they be on parks or on our reviews. All reviews and photography were done by Geremy Bordonaro and Emily Rea.

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