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August 19th, 2022 · Comments Off on GRADING OUR GREENSPACE (Aug. 2022)

The best and worst of the Annex’s parks

Compiled and photos by Fox Oliver

Every year the Annex Gleaner reviews the abundance of parks in the Annex using a variety of criteria. 

While there is no decisive “winner” of the grading, letter grades are assigned to convey the quality of the parks considering aspects such as upkeep, amenities, and accessibility. 

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November 11th, 2021 · Comments Off on GRADING OUR GREENSPACE (Fall 2021)

Albeit small and with no playground infrastructure Gwendolyn MacEwan park is a great spot to stop and have a rest.

As part of the Gleaner’s annual area park reviews, here is Part Two. We grade each park and compare the score with the prior year. We look for amenities, trees, gardens, and cleanliness. We also tell you something you may not know about how the space got its name. 

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GRADING OUR GREENSPACE: Grading the green (August 2020)

September 9th, 2020 · 1 Comment

Park it here

In this year’s installment of evaluating park spaces within the Gleaner’s catchment area, our observers noted the impressive revival of Queen’s Park North showing what a great city can do when it focuses its imagination and resources. The neglected Euclid Avenue Park, near Koreatown, shows what happens when these resources are withheld. Compiled by Mary An, Tanya Ielyseieva, and Nicole Stoffman.

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OBITUARY: Architect leaves indelibe marks (July 2020)

August 7th, 2020 · Comments Off on OBITUARY: Architect leaves indelibe marks (July 2020)

Martel was a planner and architect who turned parking into parks

Paul Martel (3rd from left) with his loyal band of Ecology Park volunteer gardeners. He saw the project as contributing to the greening and cohesion of the Annex.

By Nicole Stoffman

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GRADING OUR GREENSPACE (JUNE 2017): Survey reveals significant upgrades

June 30th, 2017 · Comments Off on GRADING OUR GREENSPACE (JUNE 2017): Survey reveals significant upgrades

PHOTO BY NATHALIE RODRIGUEZ/GLEANER NEWS: Taddle Creek Park’s planters enhance its natural beauty. Exemplifying the best of community green spaces, the park earned top marks for being a relaxing oasis in the heart of the Annex.

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